Herve Poncharal: rock n roll past, entrepreneur present…

The MotoGP™ Podcast team chat to Tech 3 boss, IRTA president and paddock legend Poncharal this week!

Most of the world may be in lockdown but that isn’t stopping the MotoGP™ Podcast team from churning out new episodes for you to enjoy, and number four of 2020 is a belter. This week’s treat is a chat with paddock legend Herve Poncharal, who spoke via phone call from France.

As the head of Tech 3 and the president of IRTA – which you find all about in the episode – Poncharal’s life has been intertwined with the sport for decades and he’s been plenty more than just the boss during his tenure – including driver, cook, tyre man and more - it’s time for you to enjoy an in-depth conversation with one of MotoGP™’s biggest personalities.

“When we started Tech 3, then I was a lot younger – you can calculate it! You see life differently then, and also, you know, there were four of us when we started – four” explains Poncharal, speaking about the birth of Tech 3 Racing. “I was driving the truck, we had a caravan behind the truck, I was shopping, I was cooking… and I’m a very bad cook. I was doing the timing, I was taking care of the tyres, the fuel…we were a very small group.

“And everything was…how to say, less professional for sure, although we were trying the best we could and we were quite competitive, so we weren’t there on holiday. It was a very different time. I like this expression: it was more rock and roll than now!”

You can listen to this episode of the MotoGP™ Podcast and the other three previous on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Acast, as well a chat with Randy Mamola being available to watch on YouTube too!

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