Bill Burr’s not-so-secret love affair with MotoGP™

The American TV and comedy star can’t get enough of MotoGP™, as he told Joe Rogan on his podcast last week

"The best racing out there? MotoGP is the sh*t!" exclaims Bill Burr to Joe Rogan on a recent episode of his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience. The pair, in Rogan’s California studio, watch highlights from the 2019 Italian GP, “Marc Marquez, he’s the Jordan of the sport,” Burr tells Rogan, referencing the NBA legend and trying to explain the sport to the UFC commentator and notorious podcaster.

“I’ve been watching since 2015, so I’m new to the sport.” says Burr, a comedian with his own Netflix specials and known for his role in Breaking Bad and, more recently, Disney’s The Mandalorian. But this isn’t the first time Burr’s gone public about his love for two-wheeled racing. After the 2019 Austrian Grand Prix, Burr couldn’t wait to tell fans of his own podcast, the Monday Morning Podcast, just how “f*cking exciting” it was, telling them “if you need excitement, motorcycle racing is where it’s at, MotoGP is the best racing out there.” Talking about that epic duel in Spielberg, “They had a race that you’d put in a Hollywood film”.

“They had me off the couch, miming rolling on and off the throttle and screaming at the f*cking TV,” he says “they’re basically doing 160, 170, 180 miles per hour, almost bumping into each other like they’re racing on horses, which is dangerous enough!”

His passion for last lap battles, like the rest of us, is clear. He tells Joe Rogan, “What I like with this racing is that in three or four races last year, on the final lap, there were two guys who would pass each-other four or five times”. “You want to try to be the latest on the brakes but not overshoot the turn. There’s just so much sh*t you just learn as you’re watching. These guys are f*cking incredible!”

Bill Burr can be found on his bi-weekly podcast, Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast, and in the new film ‘The King of Staten Island’.
Joe Rogan hosts his podcast, the Joe Rogan Experience, is a commentator for UFC and has his own Netflix comedy specials.