Razlan Razali: propelling Petronas SRT into the spotlight

Ahead of the docu-series launch, the MotoGP™ Podcast get to know the real story behind the birthing of Petronas SRT

Ahead of the eagerly anticipated Petronas SRT behind the scenes docu-series launch on Tuesday the 23rd of June, the Last On the Brakes team have the perfect pre-match meal to get you in the mood – an in-depth chat with Team Principle Razlan Razali.

Petronas Sprinta Racing and - more recently - Petronas Yamaha SRT have become household names in the MotoGP™ paddock and Razlan reveals how the premier class project came about.

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“One day, in Jerez, we heard a rumour of a MotoGP™ team in trouble," begins Razlan. "I was sitting down with Stiggy, and said ‘y’know what, if this is true, let’s convince Petronas to come in and set up a MotoGP™ team’, as that’s what they wanted to do. They were going round MotoGP™ teams, trying to sponsor them but believe it or not, nobody wanted them as they already had an existing sponsor and what not. The earliest they could go in was 2021. So, while we were talking, I saw Carlos [Ezpeleta] walking, so I ran to him and said, “Carlos, I heard about this team, is there a way we could do something with us and Petronas?

“Five minutes later, Carmelo called me and said, let’s talk! We talked and he was fully supportive, and that’s it. If I’m not mistaken, after the race in Jerez, I was in transit somewhere and Lin Jarvis was on the same flight! We were walking towards our connection flight, talking, and that was our first conversation about setting up our own team. And that’s it. It’s just like being in the right place at the right time, seizing the opportunity, working hard to make sure it works, and we did it. That’s four months, I think!”

There’s so much to get your teeth stuck into this week on the MotoGP™ Podcast. Along with this and the Petronas SRT series we have coming up, MotoGP™ fans don’t have an excuse to be bored this week. Below are some of the topics that are addressed by Razlan:

- Who is Razlan Razali?
- The importance of Sepang Circuit to South East Asian motorsport
- MotoGP™’s rise of popularity in South East Asia
- How to create a MotoGP™ team from scratch
- How hard is it for a rider to get to MotoGP™?
- Creating the right attitude in young racers…
- How long does it take to get to top of the sport?
- Kenwood Quickfire
- Things you should go watch online NOW!

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