The incredible story of Michael Carey and MotoGP™

After an accident at work, Michael went into a coma. But after waking up, MotoGP™ is helping to speed up his remarkable recovery

This is the incredible story of how watching MotoGP™ is helping Michael Carey recover from a horrific accident at work.

On the 8th of October 2019, Michael was involved in a work-related accident. He was electrocuted with 12,000 volts of electricity, which left him breathless and pulseless. Fighting for his life, Michael went into a coma – but it was when he woke up that Michael discovered MotoGP™ was able to help him recover.

Watching the races, seeing the riders battle and listening to the commentary while in intensive care remarkably seemed to stimulate his brain in such a way that helped speed up his recovery. Michael is currently facing the battle of his life, but he’s doing a phenomenal job – analysing each corner and technique is turning out to be a great mental exercise for him. The above picture is Michael smiling last week!

We cannot express enough how truly amazing Michael’s story is and we have to thank Amber Carey for informing us of Michael’s incredible road to recovery. Keep going Michael and hopefully one day soon we’ll see you at a race!

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