19 points, 3 races: Arenas aims to extend his lead

Has the Moto3™ see-saw settled in the Spaniard’s favour or is there more to come? We’re about to find out

Not so long ago, Albert Arenas (Valresa Aspar Team Moto3) had lost the mantle of Moto3™ Championship leader and it seemed like it was anyone’s game. But as we arrive into the final three races of 2020, the momentum is back with the early season superstar as the number 75 arrives 19 points clear. Can he keep that going as we home in on the season finale? The crown is almost in reach, but it won’t be easy.

At MotorLand, the Moto3™ races saw Arenas miss out on the podium, but he still increased his advantage. Was he playing it safe? Or are his competitors catching on to his tactics? The good news still continues for the number 75 either way because neither of his closest rivals beat him to the line. Ai Ogura (Honda Team Asia) took some solid points but his challenge for the crown needs an injection of podium form, and Celestino Vietti (Sky Racing Team VR46) lost ground too. 

There’s a new challenger in town after Teruel though: Jaume Masia (Leopard Racing). The winner of both races and finishing well ahead of Arenas in each mean the number 5 is now fourth overall and just 24 points back. He’s on the attack and Valencia is his home turf too, creating a double incentive. Can Masia keep the pressure on and make a late charge for the top? 

If he can, Arenas will need to respond and do so fairly quickly. But all the riders playing the points game also have the complication of those a little further back who have a lot less to lose. Tony Arbolino (Rivacold Snipers Team) is now fifth and 36 points off, John McPhee (Petronas Sprinta Racing) behind him, Raul Fernandez (Red Bull KTM Ajo) continues making gains and Darryn Binder (CIP – Green Power) is a consistent threat. Romano Fenati (Sterilgarda Max Racing Team) is more often at the front than not too. And what about the likes of Ayumu Sasaki (Red Bull KTM Tech 3) and Kaito Toba (Red Bull KTM Ajo) as they arrive fresh from the injection of confidence provided by the podium? It was Sasaki’s first ever rostrum finish last time out to boot.

The number 75 leads the way into the fight for the final 75 points, but the lightweight always deliver some stunning battles. Who will come out on top in the first bout at Valencia? Find out on Sunday at 11:00 (GMT +1) as Moto3™ go racing in the Gran Premio de Europa.

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