Indonesia excited to welcome MotoGP™ back!

Indonesian fans are looking towards the Mandalika International Street Circuit to possibly host MotoGP™ in 2021

With a 23-year absence from Indonesia, the incredible MotoGP™ machines are looking to make their return to the Archipelago in 2021 on the beautiful island of Lombok in West Nusa Tenggara.

Ricky Baheramsjah, CEO of the Indonesian GP Promoter (Mandalika Grand Prix Association or MGPA), shares his excitement with the Indonesian People on the news regarding the Provisional Calendar for 2021. Positioned as one of the reserve Grand Prix venues means that the timing of the Indonesian GP is primarily dependent on the track being finished as well as subjected to Homologation and Testing. More critically, because of the current global pandemic situation causing challenges at unforeseen scale, the ‘Provisional Calendar’ may still undergo changes. Until these potential changes are cleared a weekend date in 2021 with Dorna can only be discussed then.

Official reception for MotoGP™ takes place in Indonesia

Ricky notes: “We are delighted to have come to this point in our journey and we like to thank the many stakeholders associated with the construction and operational preparation of the venue as well as the infrastructure outside the Mandalika that is being developed to support this event. We also like to congratulate Dorna for an outstanding 2020 Season with all the challenges that they had to overcome and thank them for their trust in us. We must focus now on the construction and hope that we will see an end to the global pandemic soon as we really want both Local and International Fans to experience the event and the destination”

MGPA explains that the term “Reserve GP Venue or Date” might be new to local fans, where Indonesia in the Provisional Calendar sits next to Portugal and Russia; however it is common for tracks that are still under construction to be in this position. The intent for Dorna and MGPA to race in Indonesia in 2021 is certainly there. Furthermore, MGPA explains that the impact the global pandemic has on safety and travel especially next year is still unclear and that the world needs a bit more time to overcome this. Once the situation becomes clearer in early 2021, a weekend date can be agreed to with Dorna subject to the mentioned conditions.

Happy Harinto, Chief Strategy and Communications Officer of MGPA echoes the statement on achieving a critical milestone and he expressed his appreciation for all entities involved, especially the support from the Government, “We are grateful to all stakeholders, especially the Indonesian Government; their contribution cannot be understated and it will leave a long lasting legacy”

MGPA emphasizes that immense work is still ahead and that a tentative timeline for the Homologation process has been agreed to in principal with DORNA. Ricky continues, “Our goal and focus right now is clear; ensure that we complete the Street Circuit and prepare the operational execution for the Indonesian GP in 2021. Ultimately, our hard work and efforts are for the Indonesian Fans. They deserve to watch this spectacular event in person and above all in a safe covid-free environment.”

Carmelo Ezpeleta, Dorna CEO supports the statements made by MGPA noting the following: “We recognize the immense effort by the many stakeholders in this Project. We like to extend our gratitude towards President Jokowi and his Ministries for their commitment in bringing International Motorsport to Indonesia in 2021. Their continued support is critical to deliver a fantastic event. We also appreciate the immense effort the team at MGPA, under the leadership of Ricky Baheramsjah, have done so far and we will continue to support them in any way for the years to come. This team and their motorsport partners have shown that they can deliver an FIM MotoGP World Championship Grand Prix.”

Mr Ezpeleta continues on the need to deliver the track and looking towards 2021: “The focus has to be on construction, homologation as well as testing, especially because it is a brand-new street circuit. As mentioned, it is a possibility that changes will happen to the Provisional Calendar and once we have a clearer picture, of course subject to construction and testing, we may start discussing a possible date for the Grand Prix in 2021.”

Mr Ezpeleta emphasizes that Indonesia is an important market for the Grand Prix and support for the event is strong: “It has been 23 years since we had the last Grand Prix in Indonesia and we’re very excited to return as soon as possible. We have been working with the team at MGPA over the past 4 years, they have our trust and the project has the support of the President of Indonesia which we received back in March 2019 at his Palace in Bogor.”

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