Thank you, Henry Barczynski!

The founder of Gigawave, the Radio Frequency engineer played a huge role in how we now enjoy MotoGP™

In 2007, MotoGP™ television coverage experimented with one of the most significant changes in Radio Frequency Technology history: we went from analogue to digital coverage. That amazing step meant a huge jump in OnBoard bike camera and handheld camera performance, with full coverage in most places where before it was thought impossible. The wireless cameras reached places or areas never seen before, with less use of bandwidth, more video efficiency and completely different technical deployment at places like a circuit, which comprises more than one million square meters.

All of that and more was possible at MotoGP™, and earlier than many, thanks to a partnership established with an entrepreneur called Henry Barczynski, founder of Gigawave. This visionary Radio Frequency engineer, inventor of the smallest antenna transmitting video and audio in the late 80’s, made magic at MotoGP™, bringing our OnBoard pictures up to the very top level of quality. We went from two to four cameras per bike and from Standard Definition to full High Definition in 2009 before anybody else in the world of sport, among many other successful collaborations, thanks to Henry’s involvement.

Sadly, Henry passed away on Monday. He was retired, and gardening at his house in France. His passion for MotoGP™ and his efforts to bring every single one of our ideas to life since the start of our relationship in 2002 deserves a truly heartfelt tribute and thank you. So thank you to a great engineer who never gave up, his company, and the team he trained, several of whom at Vislink we are still working with today after nearly 20 years.

Rest in peace Henry and thank you very much indeed for all you brought to MotoGP™. You are part of our success!