U-Mask teams up with the Northern Talent Cup

The partnership will see all riders and participants in the cup equipped with innovative face coverings

The Northern Talent Cup begins a new collaboration with U-Mask in 2021, equipping all Northern Talent Cup personnel, riders and mechanics with U-Mask’s innovative face coverings. 

Due to the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, safety protocols remain in place for the Northern Talent Cup, including the use of mandatory face coverings to keep everyone on site at NTC events as safe as possible as competition continues. This new partnership with U-Mask will give all those working and racing in the Cup the best protection possible against Covid-19. 

U-Mask is part of the Pure Air Zone project, based in Milan, and a U-Earth biotech product. The ground-breaking face coverings both block air contaminants on the mask surface and destroy them inside the mask via their Bio-Layer™ technology. This internal layer is a natural, self-sanitising and innovative way to maximise protection for both the wearer and those around them – ensuring the best defence for everyone in the NTC and reducing disposable mask waste.

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