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Greetings fans of MotoGP™ Ignition! We are super excited to announce the arrival of MotoGP™ Ignition Hot Shots collectables! Hot Shots are unique collectable video NFTs distilled from the highlight reels of the best MotoGP™ racing moments. The first release of Hot Shots features the most exciting moments from the MotoGP™ 2021 Barwa Grand Prix of Qatar, and will go on sale from the 28th September 2021.

The first two sales of MotoGP™ Ignition collectables were launched earlier this year. Both met with overwhelming demand and quickly sold out. Due to the high demand and plentiful MotoGP™ fans all over the world, some players missed out during the first sales. In order to accommodate players around the world, we are introducing a new time segment booking system that allows you to focus on your time zone, to give you a chance to score yourself some Hot Shots!

Booking a time segment and the Hot Shots pack sale

A total of 6,000 Hot Shot NFT video packs are going on sale. Each pack features three Hot Shots from the MotoGP™ 2021 Barwa Grand Prix of Qatar, packs will be priced at $15 each and can be purchased with a credit card only. The sale will start on 28th September 2021, and it will be broken into three segments; each segment will be held at a different time range and will have 2,000 packs on sale, allowing people in different time zones more flexibility to participate. You can book yourself for up to two different sale segments during the sign-up period between 15th September 2021 at 8 am (UTC) and 20th September 2021 at 8 am (UTC). After signing up you will be able to see your assigned time segments on the MotoGP™ Ignition website.

To participate in the sale you will need to follow these steps:

- Head to the MotoGP™ Ignition website during the sign-up period from 15th September 2021 at 8 am (UTC) to 20th September 2021 at 8 am (UTC)
- Connect your wallet to the website, or create your wallet (by clicking “Connect Wallet”) if you do not have one already
- You will be able to select up to two out of three time segment options
- Once the time segment selection phase has ended, the website will be updated to indicate your assigned time segments
- When it is your turn, you will be able to purchase one Hot Shots pack (while supplies last) at the MotoGP™ Ignition website

Hot Shots pack opening will be available shortly after the end of the sale.

Hot Shot Prints

Like previous MotoGP™ Ignition collectables, Hot Shots have a Print number that is relative to the Serial number of the pack. For this Hot Shots sale, the order of the pack Serials will be shuffled, and then divided across the three time segments. This means that lower-number Serials (and therefore, lower-number Prints) will be distributed randomly.

Pack Details

Hot Shots are a collection of video moments taken from highlight reels of official MotoGP™ events. This first sale will offer Hot Shots from the 2021 Barwa Grand Prix of Qatar!

Each Hot Shots pack costs $15 (payment via credit card) and contains three Hot Shots collectable videos of any grade. Higher grades are rarer and therefore have lower drop rates. The drop rates are shown in the following table:

  Video 1 Video 2 Video 3
Common 96% 60% 0%
Rare 4% 36% 58%
Epic 0% 4% 36%
Legendary 0% 0% 6%


This means that the luckiest pack you can open will contain a Rare, an Epic, and a Legendary video. There isn’t a fixed supply of videos based on rarity or on content. Like the packs themselves, the videos are NFTs and they can be sold and traded. The time that you open your pack has no impact on the Hot Shots that it contains.

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