Motorcycles save lives!

The generosity of MotoGP™ fans shines in 2022

Two Wheels for Life is the official charity of MotoGP™, and it’s a partnership that doesn’t stop giving. In 2022, nearly €350,000 was raised just from the range of experiences, activities and initiatives supported by the world’s fastest motorcycle racing Championship – showing the generosity of all those MotoGP™ fans who were able to contribute.

Two Wheels for Life raises funds to support the local-led and managed programmes of partner organisation Riders for Health across Lesotho, Malawi, The Gambia and Nigeria, helping healthcare and health professionals reach rural communities. From exclusive MotoGP™ paddock day events to online auctions of signed memorabilia, unique experience packages and more, a whole range of different initiatives come together to support these programmes and make a difference.

After a two-year hiatus obliged by the pandemic, the Day of Champions returned in 2022 to take its place as the annual flagship event ahead of the British Grand Prix, raising over £206,000. There was also an online prize draw to win a VIP weekend for two at a Grand Prix of the winner’s choice, paddock experience events giving fans the chance to see behind the scenes, and a host of extra special additions to a Grand Prix weekend like hospitality packages with MotoGP™ teams, grid passes and more. All in all, it’s nearly €350,000 raised across the season!

Here's what has been done and what will continue to get your support as we gear up for 2023:

20 motorcycles in The Gambia

20 motorcycles are already in action in The Gambia, allowing the locally-led programme to reach more than 20,000 people. From bed net supply to vaccine and sample transportation, these motorcycles are ridden by healthcare workers and enable them to reach places that would otherwise be much tougher to access.

Rider equipment

100 motorcycle helmets, as well as work clothing for mechanics, were supplied to programmes in The Gambia, and health workers and sample transport couriers who ride in extremely cold temperatures in Lesotho received 60 sets of thermal clothing.

Protective clothing for 65 riders was also supplied across different programmes – including helmets, boots, gloves, jackets, and trousers, plus back protectors – ensuring all health workers and sample couriers are as safe as possible.120 specially designed backpacks and 60 top boxes – now UN approved – were also put into action, used by motorcycle couriers for transporting samples for disease diagnosis at laboratories.

Vehicle trackers were implemented to monitor the use of all vehicles, ensuring drivers and patients are safe in remote areas, alongside further digital development to aid store management and efficient journey planning for health outreach.

Training and more

Funds are also invested in training courses in each country programme supported by Two Wheels for Life. This includes practical road safety rider and driver training, digital training for the correct handling of medical and vehicle data, and mechanical training for fleet technicians.2022 also saw funds go into the Riders for Health African management council summit. Two Wheels for Life and the Riders for Health country directors from Lesotho, Malawi, The Gambia and Nigeria met in November to discuss their priorities going forward and how Two Wheels for Life can most effectively support them moving into 2023.

New for 2022: the Compassionate Fund

After a partner courier sadly passed away this year, leaving two children behind, a new compassionate fund has been set up for such cases – those of exceptionally vulnerable people touched by Riders for Health-run programmes. One of its first investments is offering support to these two children.

The Compassionate Fund will be at the discretion of the trustees and the programme leaders in each different country, ensuring every difference that can be made, will be.

To find out more about the work of Two Wheels for Life (and also check out a few holiday-themed gifts if you're celebrating!), go to And thank you for all of your support so far!

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