MotoGP™ visits India's Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit

Dorna Chief Sporting Officier, Carlos Ezpeleta, took to the stage to discuss the future positive impact of MotoGP™

Ahead of the much-anticipated Indian Grand Prix at the end of September, Dorna Sports Chief Sporting Officer, Carlos Ezpeleta, has been speaking at the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit about the positive impact MotoGP™ will have in India.

Carlos Ezpeleta, UP Investors Summit 2023

“India is a true economic and cultural powerhouse, and with more than 200 million motorcycles on its roads it’s one of the biggest motorcycle markets in the world. We are thrilled MotoGP will be able to come to India, making the sport more accessible than ever to our fanbase across the country,” said Ezpeleta.

Mr Anurag Singh Thakur, Honourable Minister of Sports, Youth Affairs and Information & Broadcasting, also joined the stage to highlight how important the presence of the biggest two-wheeled sport in the world for their country, not only for the motorcycle industry but also for other sectors such as sports, tourism, SMESs and more. It’s estimated that during the event, over 10,000 international travellers will be visiting India and it will create 5000 jobs, creating a huge, direct economic impact.

Carlos Ezpeleta, UP Investors Summit 2023

MotoGP™ thanks the organisers of the Uttar Pradesh Global Investors Summit for giving us the chance to share our excitement, and promoter Fairstreet Sports for staging the Indian Grand Prix and inviting the sport on an exciting new adventure!