Andalusia, the land of enjoyment

Jerez and its surroundings give you the chance to combine a wide range of possibilities across the weekend at the Spanish Grand Prix

Jerez is flamenco, wine, sun and motorbikes. Jerez is bikers’ pilgrimage site par excellence. Jerez is vineyards, bulerías, Christmas carols performed with friction drums and the very essence of Andalusia, a region that reaches its pinnacle when tourism and sport are combined. It’s the place to be for all kinds of sport – especially motorcycling – and gives you good weather, excellent transport links, variety and complementarity in its touristic, cultural, leisure-based and gastronomic offerings as well as the best sports facilities imaginable.

Jerez is the real Andalusia, with its vineyards, its horses, its bulerías, its art – the perfect combination for it to be chosen as the venue for some major national and international sporting events and activities in recent years. It’s the modern face of Andalusia, bringing together the best possible conditions for enjoying and playing a sport and for a kind of tourism that is certainly familiar to the hordes of bikers who make their way down south every year for the must-attend occasion that is the Gran Premio de España.

Andalusia is about enjoying all kinds of sports all year round: water sports, golf, equestrianism, cycling, sailing, surfing, outdoor sport… Nowhere else in Spain has a better cultural and touristic offering.

Turismo de Andalucia

Andalusia is different. Bikers know it. Every year, they make their pilgrimage from all four corners of Spain, crossing the peninsula to attend the biggest motorcycling event in recent decades. The meet at the Circuito de Jerez is part of the economic and social development of the city and of the region, and in the paradise that is the province of Cádiz, you can enjoy mountains, traditions, Payoyo cheeses, idyllic beaches, cities with flavour, history and charm, Carnival, seafood, Holy Week, salt mines, authentic Jerez taverns, sailing, surfing and windmills that propel the westerly and North African breezes.

No other community has more days of sunshine throughout the year, more golf courses, sports that can be practised in the mountains, in the sea or in urban areas as well as sports facilities that are the envy of the rest of the country for both their quality and their quantity.

Turismo de Andalucia

Jerez is sunshine and the smell of tyres, and Andalusia is the perfect destination to visit it whilst enjoying unrivalled gastronomy, heritage, history and hospitality. Jerez and Andalusia have represented elite-level motorcycling for decades, and the Gran Premio de España without Jerez is unthinkable. Don’t miss your chance to come and get to know it.

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Turismo de Andalucia