DORNA, IRTA and the RNF MotoGP™ Team settle their differences

DORNA, IRTA and RNF have been able to amicably solve their differences that arose in the last part of the 2023 season

The year 2023 marked a transition period for the RNF team. From the outset, DORNA and CryptoDATA established clear objectives, which, for CryptoDATA, culminated in an agreement in which CryptoDATA undertook control of the business side of the RNF team and became the majority shareholder.

CryptoDATA successfully achieved their set objectives, ensuring that the RNF Team was able to successfully navigate through the challenging moments it was facing.

DORNA, IRTA and RNF have been able to amicably solve their differences that arose in the last part of the 2023 Season. Although the RNF Team will not participate in the 2024 season of MotoGP™, DORNA and IRTA wish the best of success to RNF and CryptoDATA in their commercial ventures.

The Championship recognizes and appreciates CryptoDATA’s technological prowess and innovative capabilities, hoping that in the future we can continue collaborating and creating synergy between our organizations.

Carmelo Ezpeleta, CEO DORNA:

We appreciate the involvement CryptoDATA has had in MotoGP. During our collaboration, CryptoDATA had a contribution in MotoGP with an impact on various fronts. Besides being the title sponsor for the Austrian GP, CryptoDATA became the majority shareholder of and helped RNF to overcome tough moments in a very short timeline.

Bogdan Maruntis, Co-Founder of CryptoDATA and Head of Global Strategy:

The objective of CryptoDATA was never to be involved in the sporting side of the RNF team because this is not our field of activity. Nevertheless, we saw an opportunity to get a deeper involvement in the motorsports realm and decided to help the RNF Team to overcome their situation.

It has been a great journey and we appreciate the collaboration of all the paddock community.

Currently CryptoDATA has fulfilled its proposed objectives in terms of business and marketing in MotoGP™ and will focus on our main purpose in the technology industry.

We will remain MotoGP™ fans and will collaborate as much as possible with the Championship.