The paddock: sustainable & social

Every season and event, MotoGP™ works towards creating an ever-greener paddock - now, and for the future. That means everything from working with promoters to increase the use of green energy to introducing drinking water fountains to reduce plastic.

Since 2020, our on-site media services have also gone green. Results services are now digital, creating a paper-free Media Centre everywhere we race - up to and including resources like the Media Guide, which went digital-only in 2022.

The sport is always looking for ways to increase our positive impact. Some recent stand-out initiatives are thenow-customary Food Surplus collection after British Grand Prix, which sees a local food bank in Towcester receive donations from across the paddock, to the Charity truck convoy with Stichting Happy smile children’s charity from Emmen to Assen on the road to the Dutch TT. Happy smiles there were!

In addition, in collaboration with different Grands Prix and circuits, a host of riders and members of the paddock took part in planting trees at a number of events in 2022. As the pinnacle of two wheels, the sport also drives innovation aimed at changing the world at large. Michelin is one of MotoGP™’s most vital partners, and the company has the global goal of reaching 100% sustainable material across all ranges by 2050.



That’s where our paddock comes in, as the new technology is tested first in MotoE™ before making its way to MotoGP™, the world’s ultimate two-wheeled testing ground. From there, it will reach millions of consumers around the world - changing our world for the better in the process.

Another example off-track is MotoGP™’s work with partner Tata Communications, aimed at taking more and more production remote. That means less people and equipment to traverse the world, and all whilst making the viewer experience even better than before as the sport continues to push the boundaries of innovation, from the pitlane to the TV compound. Racing together means just that, in the wider world and inside the paddock