Evolving towards a smoke free era is on

Aiming for better and learning
is in the DNA of our sport

You see this on track all the time, and we’re applying this same philosophy off-track by making the fan experience smoke-free and by supporting other efforts to end smoking faster. 

What does smoke-free mean?

Its most literal meaning is the absence of smoke. In our case, it mainly means that by establishing dedicated smoking zones at our events, we’re making the rest of the fan experience smoke-free, creating an atmosphere where we all feel comfortable and ready to race. 

As part of this trackside commitment, these dedicated zones will also help ensure that cigarette butts are disposed of appropriately. These zones, and this mindset, means we’re making a difference, together.


Why Smoke Free?
Discover how you can go smoke free!


Making informed choices 

Everyone knows that smoking is harmful and addictive. The very best thing is to never start smoking or using any tobacco or nicotine products and for those who do, to quit altogether. 

A burning cigarette releases over 6,000 chemicals, many are harmful
A burning cigarette releases over 6,000 chemicals, many are harmful

Some do this on their own, some with the support of friends and family, some seek professional counselling, some use cessation aids, and many countries offer stop smoking services. Some of the people working at the MotoGP paddock had made the right choice. See how below.


But many will continue to smoke. Advances in technology have enabled the development of alternatives that avoid combustion for this adult smoker population to consider if they don’t quit altogether. While not-risk free, these alternatives could play an important role alongside other efforts to address the global problem of smoking.

The finish line is in sight 

Positive change starts with having the right information. The more we arm ourselves with the facts, the quicker we can reach the smoke-free finish line, together. 

Evolving towards a smoke-free era is a Racing Together initiative, launched in 2022, and supported by our partner Philip Morris International.

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