Ezpeleta: MotoGP™ better than ever, and aiming to do more

The Dorna Sports CEO discussed aerodynamic developments and how he wants to continually improve the sport at the MARCA Sports Weekend

MotoGP™ has been under the stewardship of Dorna Sports for 30 years now, and the CEO of the company believes the sport is in a better place than it has ever been. Still aiming to find ways to reinvent itself to provide a better sporting experience, Carmelo Ezpeleta recently discussed three decades of tireless work and how he is hoping to improve the World Championship to fit the demands of the current global climate.

"I haven't missed any of them. I remember almost every moment of these 30 years. There are many, but it's never enough. I watch all the races. The important thing is the riders, to make our sport better," he said at the MARCA Sports Weekend in Malaga, where he was joined by Moto3™ rider Ana Carrasco (BOE Motorsports) and five-time World Champion and MotoGP™ Legend Jorge Lorenzo.

Ezpeleta also touched on the possibility of making some adjustments to the regulations surrounding aerodynamics in order to further improve the on track spectacle.

"We now have regulatory stability. In 2022 it started a period until 2026. In theory, it doesn't change except for safety or because all parties agree. We have the objective that the benefits from 2027 onwards will be reduced. In 2024, already 60 per cent will be sustainable petrol. We are forcing the issue of wings with the teams."

A key part of MotoGP™ racing has always been overtaking, with battles and manoeuvres a frequent sight as the premier two-wheeled racing competition travels across the globe. Ezpeleta was quick to silence critics who say there hasn’t been enough in recent times, and pointed to some other factors which have made the sport an even better experience for those watching.

"Overtaking? It's difficult to have more. We have never had any overtaking problems. There are two parameters: safety and sustainability: more efficient engines and economic sustainability of the championship. How many teams have been there and disappeared? Now, the private teams can, sustainably, race."

The sport is as healthy as ever, with fierce competition across the grid and equally competitive constructors. However, as has been the case over the past 30 years, MotoGP™ will strive to improve race by race to give fans an even better viewing experience.

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