Tyre Pressure Monitoring System goes automatic

The Catalan GP marks another step forward for the new system

The new MotoGP™ Tyre Pressure Monitoring System went live at the British GP and it will now be fully automatic from the Catalan GP onwards, as unanimously agreed with the manufacturers and Manufacturers’ Association (MSMA).

From now on, all bikes will have their tyre pressures monitored live, and checks will only be made on machines the system deems are not compliant with the rules. As has always been the case, this is to check the sensors are calibrated correctly and that they’re giving the same readings as displayed by the automatic monitoring system.

If the sensors are found to be working correctly and the pressures don’t comply, there will be penalties. Technical infringements normally result in disqualification from the session or race, but as the system is new to the MotoGP™ Class and it’s being brought in mid-season, the Stewards have agreed a gradual penalty scale until further notice. To make sure the penalties apply to the actual Sprint or Grand Prix race where the tyre pressure didn’t comply, they will be time penalties given out after the race on the following scale:

  • 1st offense: Warning
  • 2nd offense: 3-second time penalty
  • 3rd offense: 6-second time penalty
  • 4th offense: 12-second time penalty


What is the Tyre Pressure Monitoring System?
It’s a new tyre pressure monitoring system designed to ensure that all MotoGP™ machines comply with the pressures established by MotoGP™ Official Tyre Supplier, Michelin. Tyre pressure is a very sensitive value and readings fluctuate a lot during a race, and even at different points of the circuit. Previously, teams were using their own sensors from different suppliers to check tyre pressures. Now there is one unified system for the whole MotoGP™ grid.

The system agreed with the manufacturers is that the tyres have to be above a specific pressure during a minimum percentage of the laps in a Sprint or race. The minimum pressure varies from front to rear tyre, and may change from some circuits to others. These are the percentages:

  • Races over 15 laps = 50% of laps must be at or over minimum tyre pressure
  • Races 15 laps or less = 30% of laps must be at or over minimum tyre pressure

Is it just for MotoGP™?
Yes, this new Tyre Pressure Monitoring System and its enforcement only applies for the MotoGP™ class. 

However, there is a minimum tyre pressure in the Moto2™ and Moto3™ classes as well, and in the FIM Enel MotoE™ World Championship.

Does it apply in every session?
Not in this first phase of it being introduced. It applies only to the Tissot Sprint and the MotoGP™ Grand Prix race.