Racing towards the fuel of the future

2024 will see MotoGP™ launch a new global era of zero carbon fuels. With a unique position as one of the world's most popular and technologically advanced sports, MotoGP™ is a global platform with the power to lead evolution in both the motorcycle and mobility industries. So that’s what we’re doing!

As the most sustainable motorised vehicles, two-wheeled transportation already has a vital role in the quest for cleaner, safer, and more eco-friendly mobility, with the power to make an incredible contribution to the world’s need to cut carbon emissions, increase sustainability and fight climate change. The sport has also set new goals for increased sustainability, and that includes fuel. 

We’re working with MotoGP™ manufacturers and fuel suppliers to develop an unrivalled selection of sustainable drop-in fuels, meaning they’ll be ready to use in the billions of standard engines and everyday vehicles around the world. Developing multiple fuels with multiple partners also makes the technology and knowledge as accessible as possible, reaching fuel pumps on the street.

By 2024, fuel in all MotoGP™ classes will be of minimum 40% non-fossil origin, and by 2027, fuel in all MotoGP™ classes will be of 100% non-fossil origin. The fuels will either be laboratory-created, using components sourced from a carbon capture scheme, or derived from municipal waste or non-food biomass. 

This will achieve significant savings in greenhouse gas emissions relative to fossil-derived petrol. From production to pump and then the street, the life cycle of these fuels of the future targets carbon neutrality – with suppliers also progressively introducing the use of renewable energy in the production of their fuel.

Fuel for the future
Fuel for the future