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TT Circuit Assen

Assen es el único circuito que ha acogido cada año una prueba del Campeonato del Mundo de Velocidad desde su creación, en 1949. El circuito de Assen fue construido para que albergara el Gran Premio de Motociclismo (conocido igualmente con el nombre de Dutch TT) en 1955. Antes de esa fecha la carrera se desarrollaba por carreteras públicas. La pista está enteramente rodeada de verdes colinas sobre las que se ubican las tribunas, con capacidad para 64.500 personas sentadas. Un escenario privilegiado para los miles de seguidores que llegan cada año, atraídos por la aureola de la prueba holandesa. Y es que la cita de Assen se caracteriza por su ambiente festivo y extravagante, un microclima especial que los propios pilotos reconocen y disfrutan tanto como los espectadores.

En 1999 se llevó a cabo la reforma y modernización del circuito, con la construcción de una nueva tribuna principal, torre de control, sala de prensa y diversos salones de recepción, además de la renovación de los boxes. Más recientemente, la modernización se ha extendido a la propia pista y a los accesos de entrada a la instalación, hasta que en 2010 se estrenó el rediseño de la primera parte del circuito, cuya longitud ha pasado a ser de 4,555 kilómetros.

Motul TT Assen Track

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Categoría Vueltas Distancia total Final en caso de bandera roja
MotoGP™ 26 118,09 Km / 73,38 Miles 20
Moto2™ 22 99,92 Km / 62,09 Miles 17
Moto3™ 20 90,84 Km / 56,45 Miles 15
MotoE™ 7 31,79 Km / 19,76 Miles 5

Especificaciones del circuito

  • Longitud total

    4,54Km / 2,82 Miles

  • Ancho de la pista

    14m / 45,93ft

  • La recta más larga

    487m / 1597.77ft

  • Curvas de derecha


  • Curvas de izquierda


The TT Assen held each June is a truly special event on the MotoGP™ calendar and one of the biggest annual sporting occasions in the Netherlands.

Assen, The Netherlands

Thousands of fans flock from across Europe to create a fantastic atmosphere and to play a part in the continuing heritage of this festival of motorsport.

Known as “The Cathedral” of motorcycle racing, Assen proudly holds the honour of being the only venue to have uninterruptedly held a round of the Motorcycle World Championship every year since its creation in 1949.

Why we love the Netherlands and Assen

The Netherlands is a popular place to visit, with 15 million people holidaying in the country each year, many of them from nearby Germany and the United Kingdom. Around five million people per year visit Amsterdam - the Netherlands´ largest and most colourful city, with its famous intricate canal network and buzzing nightlife. Beyond Amsterdam, with its army of cyclists, rich sea-faring and trading history, and its many museums and art galleries, there is still much more to see in the Netherlands. Other large cities such as Utrecht, The Hague and Rotterdam are dynamic and vibrant places to live – or just to spend a few days in. Away from the cities and larger towns you will discover quaint villages with centuries of history, endless tulip fields, iconic windmills, and beautiful churches. Heading north, the city of Assen in the province of Drenthe and the nearby city and province of Groningen, are also well worth checking out.

Finding the right accommodation

For those planning to stay in Assen itself - or the immediate surrounding area - this city of 70,000 people provides a plethora of options to suit every style and budget. Whether it is a hotel, short-stay rental property, serviced apartment or campsite, you are sure to find what you need. An easy drive or ride from Assen is the larger city of Groningen, where there is a lively atmosphere in the city centre on Friday and Saturday nights, and even more is on offer in terms of variety of accommodation.

Tips for visiting Assen and the Netherlands

Excellent coffee and beer are easy to find in the Netherlands and that is the case in both Assen and Groningen. In addition to drinks there is plenty to eat, with quality platters of Dutch cheese and meat always well presented. Also try Erwtensoep (green split pea soup), Bitterballen (deep-fried breaded meatballs traditionally made with beef) or Dutch asparagus. All are delicious, whilst for a sweet treat order Stroopwafel for desert or to accompany a coffee. Generally, the Dutch eat lunch and evening meals earlier than countries in more southerly areas of Europe so it’s worth keeping kitchen opening hours in mind. The Netherlands could not be easier to explore via public transport with the regular bus and train services efficient and on time. The established national road network to and from Assen and Drenthe makes driving or riding a motorbike a pleasure here. Remember to always be respectful of the many Dutch cyclists on the roads as they often have right of way over vehicles.


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