Subscriptions: Purchase and Renewal

How does the auto-renewal work?

An active subscription that has already been paid for will always allow access until the end of the contracted term.

Automatic renewal after the expiry date is the default option. You can modify this from your account, by accessing the Subscriptions section.

Once there you will need to select “Modify the renewal” in the Current Subscription section, and then clicking on "Cancel Renewal".

If your subscription has been purchased through app markets (Google Play Store, App Store, or Roku), you can manage the automatic renewal through your account in the app market itself.

In case of doubt, you should contact the Support service from the corresponding app market where you got your subscription from.

I have been renewed but I didn't want to, what can I do?

Once you have purchased your VideoPass subscription, and by our Purchase Policy, we remind you that the automatic renewal option is activated by default. You can manage your renewal preferences in your account, through the Subscriptions area in your profile.

If your subscription has been automatically renewed and you have not changed this preference on time, we may be able to make a refund if the request reaches us within 14 days of purchase and you have not used the VideoPass to watch video live and/or on-demand.

To request a refund, you can contact our Customer Service team through our online form so that they can assist you.

If your subscription was purchased through third parties (Google, Apple, or Roku), we inform you that, due to their privacy policy, we can not access your payment information, so we recommend that you contact their respective Customer Service teams so that they can assist you in any questions you may have in this regard.

What is the difference between VideoPass and TimingPass?

The TimingPass subscription allows you to access live timing (each rider’s lap and sector times information in real time) and does not include access to video.

With a VideoPass subscription, you will be able to access live video sessions and our archive of races.

The different VideoPass options only vary in the period of time they cover, but the content and services included are basically the same (unlless specifically stated otherwise).

There are various VideoPass options:

Yearly - VideoPass access for one year (365 calendar days). Available to purchase through the MotoGP™ app only.

Monthly* - VideoPass access for 30 calendar days, with automatic renewal activated so that you don't have to check for the expiry date and miss a race.

One Event* - VideoPass access for a single GP, starting at the time of purchase (available from Tuesday pre-GP). Live content starts on Thursday. Available to purchase from our official website at only.

Free Trial - New members can try out our products for free during the days leading up to a GP and even certain Live sessions before the sprint race on Saturday.

Full Pass - This option consists of a Season VideoPass plus a Season TimingPass. Regardless of the date of purchase, it will cover the current season as well as the off-season prior to the following one.

*The availability of Monthly and One Event options may vary throughout the season.

Which payment methods do you accept?

When making any purchase on, you can pay with the following credit or debit cards:

  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • American Express
  • JBC
  • Diners Club

 Other accepted methods are:

  • PayPal
  • Google Pay
  • Apple Pay

I have a VideoPass but I cannot access the videos, can you help me?

First of all, please make sure you are accessing with the correct credentials (email and password). If you are already doing it, we recommend you close your session and start it again.

If you are using one of our official apps, please try deleting it and installing it again.

Please, also check that your current subscription appears in the Subscriptions section, in My Account.

Another possibility is that you may have created another account at with a different email at some point, and the VideoPass is linked to it.

In case you have used the "Continue with Apple" option for registration or login, Apple may have created a new private email to hide your real email, and with it, a new account for will have been created linked to your VideoPass.

In this case, we invite you to check for a confirmation message from Apple with your new private Apple email, with the domain “” and try to access your account using this email.

If none of the above options apply to your situation, you can contact our Customer Service so that we can help you.

Can I purchase VideoPass as a gift for a friend/relative?

No, the VideoPass is particular and non-transferable and therefore there is no such option at the moment.

We remind you that according to our Terms and Conditions of Use, the access data to your account must be kept private and therefore cannot be shared.

When is the renewal date and what is the cost for the 2024 Season?

The renewal date for Season VideoPass subscribers will be next February 27th. (this does not apply if you have a Monthly or Yearly subscription).

The cost varies depends of various factors: the subscription you renew from, or the possibility that you enjoyed a previous discount.

Please visit your Subscriptions section in My Account from our website at to find out the price that applies in your case.

I want to renew now in advance, can I do so?

A few days before the automatic renewal date, and if you have the automatic renewal option enabled in your profile, you will receive an email inviting you to purchase the subscription in advance.

Please follow the information provided in the email to be able to proceed this way, which usually consists on visiting the Subscribe section once logged, and click the offer which will be displayed there, according to your profile and previous subscription.

In which currency will I be charged?

We kindly inform you that our prices are charged in Euros.

The price will be displayed in your currency during the purchase process of any of our subscriptions, before you are asked to confirm the payment.

In any case, your bank will do the currency exchange so you may contact them if you wish to confirm the precise exchange rate they will apply.

To get an idea of the corresponding amount in your currency, you may refer to available online exchange tools.

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