Video: Live and On-demand

What do I need to watch Live or archived videos?

Once you have registered an account with us and purchased a VideoPass subscription, you will be able to access all the video content, both Live and from our archive from the VIDEOPASS section.

The content there is spoiler-free, both in the titles and preview images.  

In our official apps for iOS and Android devices, you can set the VIDEOPASS-NO SPOILER section as your default page, and browse the content using the available filters (the three line icon at the right, besides MORE VIDEOS).  

We kindly inform you that our TV apps only include the current season for the moment, in no-spoiler mode. Past seasons are currently not available (except in the Roku app), although they will be eventually.

Please take into account that our on-demand content is neither available for download nor accessible without an Internet connection.

Is there a spoiler-free option?

Yes, our website’s VIDEOPASS section now displays all its content as “no-spoiler”, both in the titles and preview images.

In our official apps for iOS and Android devices, you can also set the VIDEOPASS section as your default page to access always without spoilers.

Our TV apps will have no-spoiler and archived content in the future, but these options are not available as of today (except for the ROKU app, where both are available in the Browse section).

We suggest you temporarily use your phone or tablet device to display the no-spoiler content in your TV from our website or mobile app:

- step-by-step guide for AppleTV / - step-by-step guide for FireTV

Please accept our apologies for any inconveniences and thank you for your understanding in this regard.

Which devices and platforms are supported?

You can enjoy your VideoPass subscription from any computer through our official website at or, with your Android or iOS mobile or tablet, as well as with the TV apps for Apple TV, Android TV, Roku, and Fire TV.

Smart TVs that cannot use any of the mentioned TV Apps are not supported, so your experience with them may not be satisfactory.

You will be able to watch the content and videos on any compatible device and share the video via Chromecast (with the device or through the option available from the video player) or Airplay, even using an HDMI cable directly connected to the TV.

Watching from PlayStation or Xbox is also not officially supported and therefore we cannot guarantee your experience with them, although both platforms can use adapted browsers with which our website should work correctly.

In order to know the minimum requirements necessary for each device, you can consult our corresponding FAQ.

Which languages are available for the video commentary?

Race commentary, both live and archived, is available in English only.

Occasionally, riders' interviews and video highlights may be available in their respective languages.

What should I do if I experience technical issues?

Should you experience lag or stuttering while watching live or archived content, we recommend you try changing the video quality (with the "Auto" option, being able to select from 1080p to other options).

Duting live sessions, you can change the streaming source to the one that best suits your connection, using the video player settings.

If you are using an Apple TV device, those options are not currently available in the video player.

If you are accessing through a desktopor laptop, you may also try disabling hardware acceleration in your browser options. Please note that this option is not available in the Safari browser, so we recommend using others such as Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge.  

Additionally, try disabling your firewall and/or pop-up blocker software during live video. 

It might also be of help to restart your router.

Can I watch videos using multiple devices?

Yes, access from different devices is allowed as long as you are connecting from the same IP (internet connection point).

Therefore, according to the MotoGP™ VideoPass Purchase Policy, we remind you that your account details cannot be shared.

What are the minimum requirements?

The following devices and versions have been tried and tested, so we confirm we fully support them:

PC / Laptop
Through the following browsers:

  • Chrome (from version 100)

  • Edge version (from version 100)

  • Firefox version (from version 100)

Apple Mac

On MacOS High Sierra, Catalina & Mojave through the following browsers

  • Safari (version 14) - > Multifeed feature does not work in this browser.

  • Chrome (from version 100)


  • iPad with iPadOS >= 15.0

  • Android tablet with OS >= 11.0


  • iPhone with iOS >= 15.0

  • Android phone with OS >= 11.0

TV App

  • AppleTV with tvOS >= 13.0

  • TV or TV Box with AndroidTV OS >= 11.0

  • FireTV with FireOS >= 5

  • Roku 3900x and above


  • Apple TV Airplay : To an Apple TV Box only

  • Roku 3900x and above

  • Chromecast Generation 3 and above.

  • Android TV with Chromecast integrated.

  • Amazon Fire TV not supported with Casting.

Other devices or previous versions might eventually work, but we cannot garantee you will be able to enjoy the Videopass in all its features and with the necessary quality.

SmartTVs using their respective native browsers are not supported, and only those able to get any of our TV apps installed are supported.

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