Concessions: how can MotoGP™ manufacturers change rank?

Here’s a rundown of what could change – and what can’t – at the next checkpoint in summer 2024

The new MotoGP™ concessions system came into effect ahead of the Valencia Test at the end of 2023, and we’ve already seen it in action. Right now the ranks are Ducati in Rank A, KTM and Aprilia in Rank C, and Yamaha and Honda in Rank D. That’s based on the first checkpoint at the end of 2023, which took into account that whole season.

The next time the percentage of points will be calculated to decide each factory’s rank is in summer break this year. That checkpoint will take into account post-summer 2023 (starting from the British GP) until pre-summer 2024 (up to and including the German GP). And remember, Constructors’ points are only scored by the top-finishing bike from each factory.

So what would each manufacturer need to achieve to move up, or how would they move down? We’ve done the maths!

New MotoGP™ concession system
New MotoGP™ concession system

Yamaha & Honda

Currently enjoying the most benefits of the new system as we start racing in 2024, both Yamaha and Honda are in Rank D. To move up to Rank C in summer, Yamaha would need 171 points and Honda 175. That’s an average of 18 points each scored per GP weekend, aka fourth place in each GP race and Tissot Sprint.

Both manufacturers can only move up to a maximum of Rank C at that next checkpoint.

KTM & Aprilia

KTM need only 65 points to maintain their current Rank C, which is an average of 7 points per GP, or a ninth-place finish in each Grand Prix race and Sprint. 

To move up to Rank B, meanwhile, the Austrian factory would need 265 points. That’s an average haul of 27 points per race weekend, or second place in each GP race and Sprint.

Aprilia are also currently Rank C. To keep that, they need to score 80 points by the next checkpoint in summer break. That’s an average of 8 points per weekend, or P8 finishes in each GP race and Sprint.

To move up to rank B would require a haul of 284 points before summer, averaging 29 points per Grand Prix. In other words, a second-place finish in each GP race and Sprint.

It’s extremely unlikely Aprilia or KTM would move down to Rank D.


Ducati are in a strong position in Rank A, as the second half of last season will be taken into account at the summer 2024 checkpoint, alongside the first half of this year.

As we prepare for the lights to go out on a record-breaking 2024, that means they would need to score less than 28 points per weekend to lose their place in Rank A. To maintain it, the current pacesetters need to score 277 points before summer break.