Brivio on Roberts: “He could be one of the plans"

Davide Brivio discussed the task of deciding Trackhouse Racing’s 2025 lineup, and whether Roberts is an option

MotoGP™ silly season continues to create headlines at the German GP, with the 2025 grid yet to be decided. One of the teams that has yet to announce its line up is Trackhouse Racing. Team Principal Davide Brivio has confirmed that there are no decisions made on who will ride their two RS-GPs yet.

Brivio discussed Raul Fernandez’ current situation with MotoGP™ Pitlane reporter Jack Appleyard on Friday: "It’s close until you sign! We are talking to Raul, he is happy to stay and we, of course, are very happy to keep going because it is a project that deserves to continue. We feel he has the potential, and it would be nice to explore it together in the future."

Meanwhile, Fernandez’ teammate Miguel Oliveira has also yet to sign a new contract with Trackhouse Racing. Brivio added that they are currently trying to find a scenario where both parties are happy.

"We are talking to Miguel again to see if we can find a good situation where we are both happy. I’m not talking about financials; we haven’t even talked about that. More like, how is the expectation in regards to the team around him and how he wants his situation to be. We are talking about this, and if we can find a good situation where we are both happy, then we can continue with him."

Continuing, Brivio insisted that the team is currently not negotiating with any other riders but has started to think about a potential Plan B and Plan C.

"I don’t know which options Miguel has. We have started to think about Plan B and Plan C, of course, we have something in mind but nothing really serious. We are not negotiating with anyone else; we are just thinking about how the alternatives could be. First, we will try to sort Miguel out, and then we will go more in-depth in case it is something else."

Joe Roberts (OnlyFans American Racing Team) is one of the riders who has been connected to the ride. Brivio confirmed that he has spoken to the American rider but no decision has been made.

"I don’t know if it is going to happen. We talked, and we are in contact with him yes. I also had a chat with him last weekend and yeah, he could be one of the plans."

It is a story that is continuing to develop so make sure you keep your eyes on to find out who will ride for Trackhouse Racing in 2025.