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#DA22 David Almansa
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Kopron Rivacold Snipers Team
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Puertollano, Spain


167 cm


56 kg

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David Almansa first garbbed headlines in the European Talent Cup in 2021, where he won his first race before moving on to JuniorGP™ the following year. Finishing eighth in his first year, he showcased his talent by winning the final race, positioning himself as one of the notable names for 2023. Despite facing some bad luck in certain rounds, resulting in numerous zero-point finishes, Almansa managed to secure three podiums and a victory but finished 9th overall in 2023. Beyond his impressive performances in JuniorGP™, the 18-year-old also debuted in the Moto3™ World Championship with various wildcards between 2022 and 2023. For the 2024 season, Almansa joins the Moto3™ World Championship with the Snipers Team.