New concession system: FAQs

A few commonly asked questions about the latest concession update – answered!

MotoGP™ has announced a new system of “concessions” for manufacturers, designed to ensure we get even closer competition in 2024 – and beyond. Check out the articles in the links below and then read on for some of the most commonly asked questions so far…

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When does it start?

Now! The first assessment was the end of the 2023 season, so factories have already gained – or lost – concessions in the new system. The next checkpoint for them to be reassessed is the start of 2024 summer break.

Which factories are ranked A, B, C or D?

Based on the first assessment at the end of 2023, Ducati are rank A, KTM and Aprilia are rank C, and Honda and Yamaha are rank D.

Which points count in the ranking system?

Constructor points, so the points scored by the top finishing rider on each machine.

What does “free” testing mean?

Any rider, any track, anytime. The only two limitations for factories in rank D with “free testing” are:

- No one is allowed to test at a track within the two weeks before a Grand Prix at the same venue. This is a separate regulation and remains as true as ever
- Test tyres – rank D gets the most, but they’re not infinite!

Can Independent Teams on that machinery also test?

Yes. It’s anyone on machinery from that factory – so Yamaha can have Fabio Quartararo (Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP™) and new teammate Alex Rins take part in the Sepang Shakedown test if they so choose. As can Honda with CASTROL/IDEMITSU Honda LCR riders. So we could get a super Shakedown in 2024 – it’s up to the factories who have the option, aka Honda and Yamaha in rank D.

Here's a reminder of the system (below). For more information, links to the articles are above. 

New MotoGP™ concession system
New MotoGP™ concession system